5 Technical SEO Basics And How To Check If You’re Doing Them Right

SEO For Beginners

Managing organic search engine performance and set goals based on traffic, clickthrough rates, and conversions. For example, if you write a topic about Tools to support Affiliate Marketing 2016 , you can link it to the related article Online Marketing Trends 2016 ” or What Are Your Fundamental Marketing Strategies in 2016 ” so that it will create many backlinks about your site.

Instead of simply declaring SEO dead, Jackson argues that it should be incorporated into a new, more comprehensive framework for outlining the necessary approach content marketers should take to promoting and building content effectively — a framework he dubs OC/DC, or optimizing content for discovery and conversion.

Click through rate is something that is likely measured by Google when ranking pages (Bing say they use it too, and they now power Yahoo), so it is worth considering whether you are best optimising your page titles for click-through rate or optimising for more search engine rankings.

You can also learn the fundamentals behind setting up recurring income streams by creating profitable digital products to give you some peace of mind, how to go viral on the most popular social media sites and how to dominate Google with our unique and 5 star complete SEO course.

Unoptimized content: Content that isn’t thoughtful, strategic and purposeful can water down website relevance and drag down rankings with it. Bruce Clay, Inc.’s SEO content services lift the dead weight of unoptimized content by reviewing content to ensure it’s optimized according to best practices.

With annual releases that you know will be replaced annually, simply add the year in the URL like this: /category-sub-category/product-name-2012/ and 301 redirect it to the /category-sub-category/product-name-2013/ version when the new version replaces it.

Apparently most SEO experts don’t get this but the old webmasters know where this industry came from and how it is the flip side of the search engine that makes its living off it so no matter what the engine does that makes the situation harder, it is only a benefit to SEO experts that they are just that much more in demand.

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