How To Choose A Domain Name With SEO In Mind. Part 1

SEO Brand Management

In SEO’s never-ending evolution, algorithms are continually assessing different elements to determine where brands rank. Not only the old, two way conversation between companies and customers has given away to new, three way communication, with customers exchanging information between themselves, but with a lot of the online branding activity being handed over to 3rd parties, SEO agencies included.

Don’t forget about your blog when designing a mobile-friendly site either; you’re unlikely to see an ROI on your content marketing if people aren’t finding and consuming your content – something increasingly few people will do if your mobile UX sucks.

Although such updates go a long way toward enhancing the quality of search results by, for example, discounting the high volumes of low-quality content produced by content farms , they also mean that the best ways to optimize content are constantly evolving.

While best practices for SEO and marketing will continue to change and evolve to keep up with the changes in the industry and with the changes in how and where people search for information on the web, the basic good practices of SEO and content marketing will continue to generate positive results for years to come.

Look at what the top sites in the niche are doing and figure out how it can be replicated or improved upon When you start looking beyond written content, some of the stuff will be out of your budget if you’re just starting out with a new site, but a lot of the time you can find relatively affordable ways to give your content a boost over your competitors.

There’s no set first page” of search results anymore, writes Christopher Baldock in his post on using an owned, paid, and earned strategy for SEO Just as owned, paid, and earned media all factor into any good public relations and content marketing strategy, they can help content marketers navigate increasingly personalized search results.

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