Importance Of Brand In Search Engine Optimization

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The old methods of search engine optimization (SEO) are practically dead SEO was once a game of numbers and regular tasks that culminated in a predictable rise to the top, butthat strategy relied on manipulation and structure. Based on their research, your SEO agency will be drafting page titles and meta descriptions, recommending or making updates to content, creating new pages, improving internal linking, fixing duplicate content issues, setting up and configuring your blog, installing social sharing buttons.

If you’ve been running your site for a while, you can definitely benefit from performing a content audit This will not only help you discover missing elements and errors in your SEO, but also help guide your content strategy — using this technique you can discover what content works for your business, what topics and keywords you need to explore, etc.

TopRank Marketing tip: Once you write your amazing piece of content, put a small amount of paid promotion behind it to test how your audience interacts with it. You will be able to quickly see how the content performs for engagements or conversions prior to the page ranking for all your keywords.

Reality in 2016 is that if Google classifiesyour duplicate content as THINcontent, consequently you DOhave a very serious problem that violates Google’s website performance recommendations and this ‘violation’ will need ‘cleaned’ up. There was a little duplicate content needing sorting out and a bit ofcanonicalisation of thin contentthe resolve, butnoneof the measures I implemented I’d call advanced.

Once you know what your crawl budget is, you must be wondering if there’s a way to increase it. Well, there is, kind of. SEOs don’t know for sure how Google assigns crawl budget to sites, but the two major theories state that the key factor is (1) the number of internal links to a page, and (2) its number of backlinks from other sites.

Yet you will run the risk of shortchanging your SEO strategy.” Print out Murray’s checklist (below) and leave it on your desk when you need to research keywords for a specific page, so that you can be sure you’re giving your content marketing its full shake on search engines.

You really want to make sure that when that user lands on your website for the first time they know what your company is about, you have some sort of brand recognition with them, and that they’re going to come to you in the future for any related queries that they have.

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