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SEO Brand Search Keywords

Over the last couple of years, we have begun to see a shift in how search engines work. There’s not a lot of traffic in long tail results unless you do it en-mass and that could invite further site quality issues, but sometimes it’s worth exploring if using very similar content with geographic modifiers (for instance) on a site with some domain authority has opportunity.

As older methods become useless or actively harmful, and basic white hat techniques become all but indistinguishable from content marketing, the winning edge will go to marketers who know how to implement advanced link building techniques that tie their domain to the right sites.

Google is constantly evolving to better understand the context and intent of user behaviour, and it doesn’t mind rewriting the query used to serve high-quality pages to users that comprehensively deliver on user satisfaction e.g. explore topics and concepts in a unique and satisfying way.

Google’s Gary IIIyes sent this tweet on August 18, 2015, saying that, If you’re an SEO and you’re recommending against going HTTPS, you’re wrong, and you should feel bad.ā€ The Sā€ in HTTPS stands for security, and if your URL leads with HTTPS () instead of HTTP (), then your website is secure.

Instead, you’re an established company that’s been carrying out digital marketing campaigns according to previously-known SEO best practices You’ve heard that branding is becoming more and more important in terms of natural search performance, but you aren’t sure how to alter your current marketing strategy in order to satisfy both of these requirements.

You can use tools like Ahrefs or Open Site Explorer, from time to time, to manually check if someone is building links to your website, but the one I recommend you use is It’s one of the best and easiest tools that can send you email alerts when your website gains or loses important backlinks.

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