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Branded Query Optimization For SEO

You’ll be joining the 150,000 Smart Insights members from 100 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Based on your description any theme listed above will get the job done because all of them have a blog functionality included as these are WordPress themes after all and WordPress originally was introduced as blogging platform and this feature is still there.

However, just because Darden customers feel like guests when they dine at Olive Garden doesn’t mean they’ll search for guest reviews for Italian restaurants.” If the restaurant giant wants to keep that perception without missing the many searches that might drive traffic to their website, and consequently their stores, they must be creative with their content.

But to influence SEO performance, great content needs to have some textual, descriptive explanation to go along with the visual aids to describe what the content is about, using keywords — the words that real shoppers use when they talk about the products.

For example: your Google Plus profile posts is your content, your YouTube videos are your content, your blog posts are your content, images, PDF’s, and your website and business details online (whether on your own site or on external sites) is content.

For example, if you want to attract people to your website in order to sell them a product, or to fill out a form and contact you, then a visitor that is watching that video on YouTube can be difficult to get over to your website, especially if their session started in YouTube.

Most sites that have domain authority/online business authority have lots of links to them – that’s for sure – hence why link building has traditionally been so popular a tactic – and counting these links is generally how most 3rd party tools calculate it a pseudo domain authority score, too.

While many know Fort Collins as the home of OtterBox, Colorado State University, and the brewing companies of Odell and New Belgium (and a host of other craft brewers that we enjoy visiting), it’s a mecca for companies with great branding of all sizes.

Do not get disheartened, but just remember that the results of SEO are at the mercy of Google and the other search engines, and to be fair there’s a lot of websites out there for search engines to crawl and index, so they are pretty busy doing the best they can.

The only point I really want to make concerns section #4, Bulk Link Building.” I concur wholeheartedly that spammy link building practices such as link networking and article marketing are inadvisable, I’d like to state that there is a middle ground between link earning” and paying for links.

The easiest way to deal with a Google penalty is to prevent it. So let’s find out how to perform a comprehensive backlink audit and identify and remove bad links with our #SEOcafe chat participants and our special guest Bill Slawski , President of SEO by the Sea, regular columnist and international speaker.

Paper coupons are still in circulation, but now you can turn coupon codes posted on your social media accounts as a new way to generate new buzz and attention for your brand – and they are a lower cost way to entice your most loyal customers to buy even more.

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