The Insanely Powerful 2017 SEO Checklist (Updated)

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It’s strange, as even Google says that IF you have to hire an SEO, you should do so early rather than late, like when you’re just planning to launch a new site. Indeed, Brando’s powerful SEO enhancements have been implemented at every level from the code up, making for a website that both quickly ascends the pages and ranks of all the major search engines and loads quickly and efficiently due to its lightweight, spartan coding, making it easy on the servers even under high traffic loads.

And, as a self-proclaimed page speed aficionado, I’ve tried just about every website speed improving trick out there — reducing server response times, enabling browser caching, optimizing images, you name it. So, when Google launched AMP in October, I jumped at the opportunity to check out the publisher’s working with Google to see where all the magic happens and how this will affect SEO.

We pride ourselves on being the leading video transcription services company around, trusted by leading SEO industry experts like Getting started is extremely easy, takes less than 30 seconds, and transcriptions for as low as $1 per minute is incredible value.

Even with all that knowledge, calculating ROI is extremely difficult because ultimately Google decides on who ranks where in its results – sometimes that’s ranking better sites, and sometimes (often) it is ranking sites breaking the rules above yours.

On March 24 2016, Andrey Lipattsev – a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google – has officially confirmed what Google’s top three ranking factors are: 1 & 2 (he wouldn’t distinguish between first or second) are backlinks and content, with number 3 being RankBrain.

This price point can often give your company access to a dedicated SEO team that employs professional copy editors, content managers, conversion specialists, web development experts, link outreach specialists, account executives, and analytics experts that will ensure success and give you the support you need.

If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a high degree of flexibility that was specifically created for SEO companies, Digital Marketing Agencies and social media expert sites, look no further than SEO WP. It includes a limitless number of page designs, plenty of header styles, and a wide range of footer layouts.

In addition to being reader-friendly (compelling and relevant), your meta description should include the long-tail keyword you are trying to rank for, because if we’re doing blogging right, that keyword is representative of the contents of your post.

We recommend setting this option, however if you are running a WordPress plugin such as Yoast SEO (which we will go into more below) this is not technically required as the plugin automatically adds canonical tags to let Google know which version to index.

This small input returns a SERP that is filled with sites that are focused on that content and have made that focus visible through content SEO best practices and are deemed most credible by Google’s analysis of whom is linking to sites that focus on that content.

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