5 Working SEO Tips For YouTube Videos To Rank Higher In Search

How To Search Engine Optimize Your Blog Content

Before jumping in to optimize for non-brand queries, columnist Clay Cazier reminds us to do what many paid search marketers already do: maximize our visibility for branded queries. Beyond that, SEO experts agree that in order to get websites on search engines with meaningful rankings you’ll need: high-quality links, a diverse link profile from multiple domains, the aforementioned exceptional and relevant content, consistent updated content, social signals (content shared and liked by social users) and a technically clean and fast website.

The upshot of all this is that if I’m asked to work on a website which has already been tarnished by the efforts” of a cheap SEO agency employing negative backlinking or over-optimisation tactics, I will need to think long and hard before taking on the job of untangling the mess and getting the Google penalties overturned.

Our SEO and Marketing Team is in need of a professional and hard working Link Builder to join the team… We are looking for someone who practices white hat techniques in link building, can work with minimal to no supervision and is pro active… The right candidate needs to be very persistent, professional, and creative in order to successfully obtain links with us. The job requires you to do many things in order to obtain good links for our website.

I then started a very intensive part time university course on top of working full time, and found that I just couldn’t devote the time to my blog, and subsequently decided to go into ‘maintenance mode’ on my blog where I publish one new article per month, but for most of the articles I am conducting better quality SEO research and keyword competitiveness research before deciding what to write.

Website revamp/redesign – If your website has been built from several years ago, the site architecture and URL structure are likely not so conducive from SEO perspective Also, with the mobile update by Google, your website stands a lower chance of ranking if it is not mobile-optimized.

The absence of bigger brands targeting non-brand keywords leaves a space for smaller brands to elbow their way in. Utilizing keywords and phrases that aren’t quite as brand specific can open up your market and push just enough users in your direction to increase smaller brand visibility.

Some may argue this technically isn’t an on-page SEO factor, given a site being multi-device friendly isn’t always a prerequisite of attaining top search positions, but it should always be looked at…if only from a conversion optimization perspective.

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