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In the dense undergrowth of the Web, search engine marketing and optimization are far more effective and economical at drawing attention to your website and products than any other online marketing tool. Thanks for sharing wonderful information regarding SEO… I think this is a complete guide for SEO audit.. I am going to share this link on my page because this is really help me out a lots of point which I always miss in my SEO audit and this article really improve my knowledge.

According to , local SEO is likely to gain solid grounds in the coming days As a marketer, you have to let Google know where you are located and what you are offering so that your chances of showing up on pages, especially in front of the relevant audience, increase.

The communications conflicts this causes between in-house SEOs and their bosses, as well as between SEO companies and their clients both makes the job of the SEO more miserable and makes the client more likely to pull back on investment, while ensuring the SEO has family issues back home as work ruins their vacation.

You Can Just Put it on Repeat… Right?: One of the most deceptive things about quality SEO and the paying of money for such is the idea that you can find an agency, firm, or a la cart team with proven chops, hire them, and because they’ve got samples of SEO strategies and solutions that worked for their past clients, similar (or identical) options will work for your own company.

There’s no magic button that an SEO can press that guarantees a no.1 ranking , however, by paying attention to the factors that the algorithm places value on, and actively working to improve them, they can guarantee to improve your website’s rankings in Google.

Thick & Unique Content – There is no magic number in terms of word count, and if you have a few pages of content on your site with a handful to a couple hundred words you won’t be falling out of Google’s good graces, but in general recent Panda updates in particular favor longer, unique content.

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