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Search Engine Optimization How To, Improve Google Ranking

Moz , a leader in the inbound marketing industry, is one of my go-to sources for the latest on SEO and search-related information. Think about how Google can algorithmically and manually determine the commercial intent of your website – think about the signals that differentiate a real small business website from a website created JUST to send visitors to another website with affiliate links, on every page, for instance; or adverts on your site, above the fold, etc, can be a clear indicator of a webmaster’s particular commercial intent – hence why Google has a Top Heavy Algorithm.

That might sound like a lot to do, but thanks to the built-in SEO power of the WordPress core and easy-to-use SEO plugins like SmartCrawl, every WordPress website can exercise proper on-page SEO for maximum search engine visibility with minimal fuss.

AI Writer was co-founded by Paul DeMott, who had created a small internet marketing company as a summer job in college and Nick Shah, who had studied neurology for about a year and a half at medical school before dropping out to teach himself about artificial intelligence.

However, I have looked and looked but see no reference to Headlines and that if they are relevant Google and others love them as all they are really looking for is latest news…If we think of the search engines as news aggregators we won’t go far wrong, look at what first appears when you put a general search query into an SE – if it is topical – which all posts should be, it is generally the newspages that come up first – so, my point has been made….I hope….

Google rolled out this update in 2015 and announced in March 2016 that in May they would start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” They did — with Mobile-friendly 2, which boosted search results to websites that were mobile-friendly.

AI Writer is a neural net (an AI architecture modeled after the human brain) that is not only capable of teaching itself how to write its own unique internet marketing articles, but those articles are polished enough to fool companies interested in buying that content into thinking it was generated by a human.

Do NOT let conversion get in the way of the PRIMARY reason a visitor is CURRENLTY on ANY PARTICULAR PAGE or you risk Google detecting relative dissatifaction with your site and that is not going to help you as Google’s RankBrain gets better at working out what ‘quality’ actually means.

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