What Does Google Do?

Page SEO Basics

To understand why you should start thinking about SEO from the moment you begin developing your branding strategy, you must consider how people will find you. For smaller businesses with a small number of pages on their site, keyword research typically happens at the beginning of an engagement and helps the SEO team the preparation optimised page titles, meta descriptions and content improvement recommendations.

If you’re creating your content in WordPress, consider using the SEO Yoast Tool , which analyzes how SEO-friendly your content is. The tool gives you ratings of green (good to go), yellow (hold up, you can do better), and red (stop, you’re off track!) across a variety of content optimization dimensions.

This is because it has a lot of basic SEO functionality, such as pretty permalinks and contextual page titles, built right in. When you add and configure an SEO plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast , you’ll have a ton of common on-site SEO problems taken care of before you even start optimizing your content.

Once you have these ideas, it is time to analyze them in order to find the content that will most effectively complete your goals – I have recently written about a good framework to use to achieve this A final essential aspect of content marketing is to research the people you plan on outreaching to. No matter how incredible the content you have is, if you are contacting people who have no interest in the subject, it will not succeed.

I think this first (bad) impression was due to the fact that many experts write about SEO assuming you already know something” about the topic or that you’re an expert on blogging/HTML or that you are a super geek able to process big data, which I gotta confess isn’t MY case and it probably isn’t the case of many of you reading this right now.

I have been involved with SEO for the past 6 years and have helped to optimize thousands of websites and none of theme ranked better because of heading tags but because I made them noticeably faster, with better content and better structured for simpler navigation.

Even though a website owner may write their own articles, SEO providers make certain that the articles which are going to be published in your website possess the essential keywords or keyword phrases that can help it increase its rank in internet search engines.

While your homepage probably ranks relatively easily for your brand name, and you may have a nice knowledge graph and expansive list of sitelinks to occupy a lot of organic search real estate for your brand name, there are probably some profitable brand search queries which (if ignored) could be costing your business money and hurting your conversion rate.

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