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6 Ways To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

Search Engine Optimisation in 2016 is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. If you need a review of how to optimize your on-page SEO, here’s a quick guide of the on-page SEO best practices to begin adopting now, if you haven’t already. This also gives you another opportunity – outside of your content – to help search engines understand what your page is about. Use each page title intelligently, because that is what is going to make a user click to your site and experience your brand more deeply if found on first few pages of the Search Result Pages. Having said that, in order to be able to prevent the number of existing followers from dwindling and continue to add more followers, fresh blogs with engrossing content need to be posted on a regular basis. The SEO adage length is strength” was supported by our industry study which found that longer content tends to rank significantly higher on Google’s first page.

Using ALL of these options is ideal, but if you can only chose one, then SEO gets my vote every time. Instead I try and create the most epic content I can and make sure it’s easily shareable. SEO can help you create a positive first impression on prospective customers, but you must also ensure that your web site delivers on the promise. Don’t sacrifice great content and effective writing in attempts to improve your SEO ranking. A lot of SEO is about content that is interesting and that contains the right keywords. Overtime this created a huge problem for Google that impacted the quality of their search results. Part of the reason many edu domains are viewed as authoritative is that they do not typically hang out in bad link neighborhoods and they do not simply hand out backlinks. According to the 2016 State of Inbound report, 66% of marketers agree that growing SEO is their top priority for 2017.

Write the content and maximize for three things a) N-topic score b) engagement, by introducing visual breaks and white space and (c) sharing via call to actions such as click to tweet. Blog posts are another area that has made some huge improvements as it relates to Weebly SEO since I first started with them. Search engine optimization companies are hired to increase a company’s search engine rankings and ultimately strengthen the brand of the website.

Just because they’re already in there coding or designing your website is not a reason to thrust SEO upon a Web designer or programmer. Aggregated content can hurt SEO because it’s duplicative with no original added insight. About Blog – SEO by the Sea provides Internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) services and consulting to help your site reach the audiences that want to find what you offer. Google is making great strides in local and that’s why I’m starting the best practices guide with Local. So, if none of the above methods worked, create a disavow list that you can later submit to Google Webmaster Tools. This is just a quick list of a few of the options you can use to build backlinks to your website. Keywords in page titles can undeniably HELP your pages rank higher in Google results pages (SERPs). This is an example of the code that is automatically added for you by the Yoast SEO plugin. Relevance is the key factor to consider when choosing the right keywords for SEO.

Yes, it can be hard, especially if you have a blog and are releasing great new content on a regular basis. This is a very time-consuming process that involves reaching out to each website owner and requesting that they remove the links, hence the reason why some SEO agencies charge between $5,000 and $20,000 for a complete link clean up. If anyone’s ever told you that links don’t matter anymore, please, for the love of SEO, ignore them (and any SEO ‘œadvice’ they try to offer you in future). Maybe it’s the big KW” on my chest or my stunning sales technique, but you decide to let me show you some fast ways to uncover keywords.

Social shares don’t help your SEO directly but they help you to get more traffic which is correlated with higher Google rankings. SEO SpyGlass’ reports are customizable, white-label, and designed to look fab across devices. I am in this predicament myself but don’t know enough about SEO to come up with the answer. Adding your city and state will give you local search results to review, plus some great ideas for blog posts that fit what people are looking for.

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