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SEO is still a big mystery which everyone has heard of but most people are either frightened of it or have no idea where to start. But more importantly, it’s easier for your brand to be recognized by those visitors. In order to understand Google’s algorithms and SEO, it’s crucial to understand the way Google thinks. Google accounts for 85% of organic search traffic in the US. While there are certainly nuances between Google, Yahoo, and Bing, optimizing for Google generally does the trick for all of the search engines. Long content tends to attract more links and social shares than shallow content. But while we can’t hope to impact the way that RankBrain functions, we can directly influence the content and internal linking structures within our own sites.

In light of Google Panda, an algorithm that looks for a ‘quality’ in sites, you REALLY need to make your page titles UNIQUE, and minimise any duplication, especially on larger sites. Live-Keyword-Analysis: Use this free SEO tool to accurately calculate the keyword density ratio for a piece of content. It contains a collection of reports and tools to find errors, improve search engine rankings and site performance, address malware and spam issues, as well as learn more about the people visiting your site. You would be investing into a sustainable, long term method of generating ongoing leads and sales for your business. If you are new to SEO, then you might want to read the Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz.

To find duplicate META data you can use Screaming Frog SEO Spider and Google Search Console. The words you chose to emphasize in the structure of a given page tells search engines what terms you think represent the content on that page. SEO Brand has managed to place us in the top positions for our market keywords. We understand that there are some companies that may have a hard time justifying how much to spend on SEO service rates, especially if it’s their first time working in Internet marketing.

Thanks to Google Authorship and rich snippets, bloggers are taking personal branding SEO to the next level. So it makes sense that Google would place extra weight on the words used within those headings. Alt tags are an alternate means of identifying an image and are essential elements of good SEO practice. Using nofollows on aggregated content on your site can tell search engines to not credit the duplicate link. We had a meeting with a potential investor, and before it took place, we got together with SEO Brand’s team to see the artwork.

You can even bulk upload article titles w/ keywords to Textbroker and auto-export content to wordpress – if you combine this with a VA who can format your posts, you can put your content creation into virtual autopilot. In using the Google Search Console, a couple of the main things you should consider is adding your website’s sitemap (in the sitemap form – XML) and a file The file lets Google know what their robots can and cannot access. It dilutes the focus of the page, which leads to a broader keyword strategy, and makes it harder to optimize for video SEO in general. The team at Pure SEO are experts at transforming website rankings from nil to 100% in less time than it takes to build a website.

Both large image files and image-heavy content pages can make your website load slowly or not at all — both of which may result in lower search engine rankings. This tool will extract the most frequently used keywords from your pages and display them in ordered list. We follow The Specificity Strategy – this helps us write highly detailed posts about very specific topics. Ultimately, an SEO content audit lets you pinpoint what changes are necessary to improve your website’s organic search performance.

The third big benefit is that it allows the SEO agency the ability to be proactive to industry changes to minimize any potential negative impacts to your business (and trust us, there are lots of regular industry changes!). SEO is all about providing your blog users with better experience in using website, if they can’t find a good reason staying on the blog……no SEO tactics will get the page up. However, this is not the only correlation between the two; the brand strategy should also directly influence the SEO targeting strategy based on the target audience and brand proposition. As for monthly retainer pricing, the most common costs for this type of service were between $251 and $500 a month, and $2,501 and $5000 a month. It might have worked yesterday but it sure does not work today without some grief from Google.

You can also link back to your site from external web propertites you manage, such as a blog, Youtube videos, Facebook page or Twitter feed. If you want to rank high in Google for valuable key phrases and for a long time – you better have good, original content for a start – and lots of it. If you have a few hours to invest, here are 3 ways to transform your WordPress blog (or website) into a search-friendly traffic generator. Creating, editing, and promoting unique high-quality content is difficult and time consuming. Depending on the package, this can be the Rolls Royce of SEO and everything will be taken care of.

Sometimes, if Google is confident in the BRAND name, it will replace it with that (often adding it to the beginning of your title with a colon, or sometimes appending the end of your snippet title with the actual domain address the page belongs to). Encourage Blog Comments: I’ve long suspected that sites with lots of high-quality blog comments get a slight edge in Google’s search results. This video looks at treating word documents in the writing stages as a webpage to make it SEO friendly. Knowing whom you are writing for is one of the best and most important copywriting tips anyone can give you.

Maybe they want more Twitter followers, greater engagement or tips on how to acquire more leads. However, backlinks are not the sole ranking factor, your website structure is also important in ranking. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t work with the rest of the marketing department on a strong content marketing strategy.

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