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But uploading a video is not enough to get views on Youtube until you are a big brand or company like a music company or celebrity, we normally create video like entertaining video, tutorials, tips and other niche videos, and upload it to youtube, these videos also need to be great in quality and should have unique content into it to get fair views. SEO involves a number of tactics to improve your search engine performance, including creating keyword-rich content, designing a user-friendly website, and optimizing site elements like page titles and URLs. Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results.

Likewise your description shouldn’t exceed 160 characters as it will be cut off after that in Google. Search engines understand text, best, and in 2016 Google, at any rate, is MOSTLY interested in VISIBLE PAGE COPY – it calls this MAIN CONTENT. It’s better to concentrate on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your business such as the cost per acquisition, profit per sale, conversion rate and others. Recently while searching about SEO on the internet, came to know about @Neil Patel.

Above all, I think the key to building a successful blog is to create content that offers value (your tip #2). But over time my experience with many websites makes it clear to me that SEO page titles matter more than elements like load speed and image-alt attributes. The author forgot to mention that increasingly, the only way for brands to reach these travellers through Google properties is by paying for ad listings. In truth, onpage SEO is far than just technical search only tasks nowadays, and it plays a critical role in virtually any SEO strategy. The App Center features some exciting tools that integrate directly with your site for both basic and advanced SEO strategies.

And the fact that there are only certain elements that make up the nature of web documents and internet, Google must always rely on backlinks as part of relevancy algorithm. Besides wanting this to be remembered as the longest infographic about SEO ever, I wanted it to be REALLY useful. Given that search engines have complex algorithms that power their technology and everyone’s marketing needs are unique, we’re unable to provide specific SEO advice to our customers. Insert keywords before or after writing: Before you start writing SEO content, look at the style and the keyword list. There’s no doubt about it: The Moving Man Method is one of THE best ways to build quality backlinks on the planet. Title tags should be short because Google cuts off text that goes beyond 50-70 characters. I’ve just started copy writing and these tips will most definitely come in handy. I am also a YouTuber and I love to upload interesting videos on my YouTube Channel.

Some of these factors can (and should) be managed, because they help establish brand ownership and thereby improve search visibility for both individual pages and the domain as a whole. It works both ways – and it’s something you need to take into account when it comes to SEO and branding performance. You should keep an eye on your backlinks, especially new ones, and use the disavow tool if you identified any poor-quality or suspicious backlinks at the URL level that you believe might hurt your site. The truth is that SEO will always be an important part of creating a website and posting blog articles. This means that over time you are getting more and more websites linking to you. An internal link structure means your pages link cleanly and efficiently to each other. Alt attributes for images are not only good for SEO but also good for usability.

There’s no magic formula, but if your post doesn’t read well and the keywords feel forced into the rest of the copy, you’re probably guilty of over-optimizing. In this case, Google will ignore any backlinks to your website from any specific URL on a whole domain. You should work your keyword phrase into the first sentence or two of your blog post, and then repeat it several times throughout your post. I was told by a couple of people that it’s one of the best SEO themes available right now, so I installed it. It’s very easy to customize, but I haven’t gotten into all the nuts and bolts yet of what it can do. Lucky for us, there’s a Word Count” displayed at the bottom of the WordPress text editor.

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